What Should You Do If A Woman Calls You Gay?

I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry

What Should You Say When A Woman Calls You Gay?

If you’re wearing a mankini and running around holding a hand-shaped dildo, there’s a high possibility that people will think you’re gay. However, if you’re a normal-looking guy and you’re getting called gay, you might ask, “Why?”

Three Reasons She Called You Gay

To begin with, if you’ve got an impressive fashion sense, but you lack sexual confidence, then she might think twice about your orientation. That is to say that if you’re well-groomed and well-dressed, but you don’t have any sexual grit; she’s likely to call you gay.

By the way, I often have queer guys making passes on me, that’s probably because I wear Armani glasses and have an oddly nice boyish bottom. Be that as it may, one side effect of being attractive is that you also attract guys…

To resume, a woman might question your orientation if you have high social confidence but no sexual warmth. In this case, if she can’t feel your sexual energy (which you are supposed to project!), she might think, “Is he gay??”

Alternatively, you might have been told to ignore her and “play it cool”, because when most guys show interest in her, you’re the only one who doesn’t. But this “game play” might backfire and end with her thinking you’re homosexual. Again, that is because you didn’t radiate your sexual desires.

Can I make a recovery?

Well, sure. You just need to focus on projecting your sexual passion. Plus, if she’s just making jokes, then you can stop being self-conscious (forget about your self-doubts and your inner dialogue) and have fun with the “I’m Totally Gay!” role play. Read below.

Two Useful Responses

You should always take any, “are you gay?” comment as a playful joke, because you know for a fact that you’re straight. Or else, you’d probably be on another blog…

Without further ado, here are two responses:

1. Smile and Agree

OMG. Yeah! I’m so gay!” Followed by a wink and a grin, so she gets the joke.

By playing with this role play, it’s fitting that she will kiss you with the intent of “proving you’re straight.”

2. Smile and Disagree

Me!? Gay!? Are you crazy!? I’m the least gay person I know…” Followed by obviously checking out her body, and giving her strong sexual eye contact (bedroom eyes).

Then you can continue the chosen role play and progress the conversation! Note: to find out how to transition, click here.


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