Should You Go To University If You’re Over 25?

A Beautiful Mind
A Beautiful Mind

I think yes. Why not?

You’re probably worried about being one of the older students? Maybe you’re concerned you won’t fit in with the younger generation, you might be the recluse. Or that you’ll be unable to handle your drink. Maybe you’ll get tired quicker than everyone else. Basically, you’re worried about age, that’s it right?

Other Worries

You might be concerned over quitting your job so you can study. That taking time away from the working world would show on your CV, and this could look bad for recruitment agencies and potential employers. Furthermore, you could lose your footing in your current career, or you might lose your office friends.

Possibly, you’re worried about money; it’s expensive to go to university and you could be in debt you aren’t able to pay off.

And if you weren’t worried about any of these points, then I apologize for mentioning them…

“Why did you tell us this!?”

Remember, these worries are just worries. They’re of no concern, they’re only little bites at your brain making you avoid something you absolutely should pursue. If you have the idea to go to university to further your life, you should. Period.

Why You Should Go To University

Mind you, if your aim is to go to university to find younger girls – forget it, don’t get into university debt, just find a new job in a university city. Sorted.

However, if you want to expand your career prospects because you have a big dream and want your life to reach the next level… then yes; go to university and get the required qualifications. You’ll further yourself and your future.


Personally, I believe that if you have a vision for your life – you should enter that vision by any means necessary and by any routes possible. If you’re sure you need to go to university to get a qualification, so you can reach you vision – then what are you doing reading this!? Go and sign up for the course.

If you’re worried things will change your vision while you’re at university – they will – and that’s part of the journey. Because when you follow your desires, no matter what happens, you’ll always finish in the right place.


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