How Do You Turn Her Into Your Girlfriend?

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How Do You Turn Her Into Your Girlfriend?

Overall, you just wait.

And by that I mean you don’t do anything other than keep seeing her on a casual basis.

You don’t ask, “Will you be my girlfriend?“, because it’s bad on your part. You should have many options; a man with many options is never eager to enter a relationship.

A man with options enjoys seeing many girls, but if he likes a girl, he’ll want to keep her around. So, of course, he will date many, but consistently date the woman he likes.

After a while, your girl might ask you, “Are things serious?” And you can then have a conversation to decide the label of your relationship. That’s when you can call her your girlfriend.

What Can You Do To Keep The Relationship Going?

You’ve got to keep on top of the relationship; always be a man. That means you always show attractive qualities (lead her and treat her). It means you always help other people. It means you are always creating your optimal life.

And by the way, treating her doesn’t automatically mean big restaurants or expensive vacations. You can surprise her with a little souvenir, blueberry muffin or bottle of her favorite wine.

How Should You Keep Your Attitude?

Above all, you must stay relaxed.

That’s to say, don’t pressure her to be your girlfriend.

Firstly, if you, “just want a girlfriend“, then you’re looking at her through an unsuitable mindset. “Just wanting” a girlfriend is like eating own-brand ice cream, when you could be having the Ben & Jerry’s.

To put it another way, don’t walk into a cafe and pick any cake just because you’re hungry.

You should walk into the cafe with no hunger and then study the cakes. Is this one fresh? Is it made with good ingredients? Is it a best-seller?

And then make your choice.

I.e. choose your girlfriend wisely.

Actually, waiting is the best option. You get a girlfriend by being extremely selective about having a girlfriend.

Maybe you think that goes against common wisdom, so let me explain:

Imagine you went for a job interview and they hired you. You’re ecstatic!

Later, you hear from a colleague that the company has a very quick turnover, and to fix this problem, they hire everyone. Now you feel like a bargain-price pack of cashews.

Instead, imagine an alternative scenario, you hear from your new colleague that they hired only you, after interviewing 105 people. You understand that your employers thought you were the best, so you continue to feel ecstatic!

That’s how your woman should feel. That you selected her, you chose her, you wanted her. It’s, “No. I don’t want a girlfriend. I want you.” And that’s extremely powerful.

What Happens When You Put All That Together?

Well, you wait and you wait and you wait. And if you stay on top of your game and you continue to develop as a man, you’ll have no worries. She’ll stay with you, watching you live life as a man with purpose, a man with direction.

Jeez! My man has purpose and passion“, she’ll say, eager to see you progress. Naturally then, she’ll maintain your relationship.

Given these points, you can see that the girlfriend label does not arise with force or pressure, it arises with your patience, your respect and your effort to mature as a man.


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