How Do You Text When You’re Busy?

Sherlock Holmes

I have a little problem and I hope you can help me with it. I’m very playful, flirty and funny when i’m with women. I kiss girls and we exchange numbers. But here comes the problem; due to my busy training schedule, I don’t have much time to have a second meeting. There can be a second meeting, but it won’t happen fast.

So I have to keep a little bit of sexual tension between us with Whatsapp. But the problem is; I suck at this.


How Can You Improve The Scenario?

You can just text her that you’re busy. Actually, that’s a good thing because it means you’re a man who is working on his plans. It means you have a life, a job—possibly a passion. Busy men are desirable men.

Plus, if you tell her you’re busy, it’s a good release. After a great first date, she’ll now wonder if you really are busy or if you’re just lying and don’t want to see her again. So you let her panic—you let her ruminate.

Why Must You Text?

But, you need to have respect and text her despite the fact that you’re busy. If you say you’re busy and never text, she’ll take that as your polite rejection—so make sure you text!

As a man, it’s your job to keep her in your life if you want her. You do that by continuing the relationship—making an effort to help her stay in your life—each text sub-communicates, “yeah girl, I want you in my life.”

Remember, if your busy—you’re doing life right. (Just keep her updated with some successes).

What Are The Basics Of Texting?

You should text her at least once a day.

You can let her know what’s going on, “I just got a new coat!” etc.

You can also text her little pictures and jokes which you find funny. Girls love light playful humor—sex jokes and violence aren’t good here—so stick with animals doing funny things, or humorous comments that kids say. That’ll make her laugh.

Also, ask her how her events went. Remember what she talks about and then bring it up later, “how’d that meeting with your friends go?”

How Can You Use Whatsapp?

Using Whatsapp, you can text her in a variety of different ways. If you’re at a cool music gig (or hear something interesting) you can record it and send her a short sample.

Plus, you can send images. I find pictures of the Friends TV series work well—or little GIFs of other popular comedy series. Send her things like memes and other images that are funny and easy to share.

You can take selfies, too. If you’re in a groovy place, you can take a photo and send it to her. Also, you can take pictures of cool food you’re eating or a cool location/restaurant you’re at.

What Are The Warnings?

Make sure all the things you send her are slightly better than anything she might be doing—that creates a little bit of jealously and respect for the life you’re leading (but not too much that she feels you’re out of her league). Notice that you should regularly be experiencing cool things.

Also, note that the above examples are all to be used as spices—the bulk of your texts should be words and emoticons. The wink face is priceless. Avoid any emoticons that are sad. Use the wink, the pokey tongue, they smiling-crying face and you can use brackets at the end of your sentence for a easy-happy feel)))))

If you are being more cocky, you can use the kiss love heart. That’s used as a reel after you heavily tease her. For example, “you’re such a loser! *Kiss love heart.”

What’s The Round Up?

In conclusion, most of your texts will be words, i.e., short texts updating her or saying funny things, perhaps once a day. Around that main frame you can add in pictures, recordings and GIFs or links to webpages.

It’s essentially a Twitter feed or personal feed of your life. When you’re ready, you can ask her out (be sure to give at least two days in advance).


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