How To Talk To An Older Woman

Older WomanIf you meet an older woman who you find attractive, it’s very easy to get around the age gap.

You can use lines like:

“Woowww… you are just… so… old!”
“I could probably be your kid…”
“Jesus! I’m going to end up as your toy boy…”

Remember that these lines should all be said as a joke. You are teasing her for fun, thus pointing out that yes, she is an older woman but it’s not a problem.


Are you okay with fucking an older woman?
Are you okay with dating a cougar?

If you’re not, then your uncertainties will fizzle through into the interaction. She’s a woman and will intuit it.
So you need to ask yourself, and say for sure: Yes. I want her.

What If I Have A “Baby Face”?

It doesn’t matter.

The only thing that matters is your MASCULINE SEXUALITY.

Anything else is a minor point, and as such is the source of a joke. If you show her that you desire her without shame, then your baby face doesn’t need mentioning. If she teases you about “looking cute”, then you can say, “Thanks, I’m glad I’ll look this young forever.”

Her Attitude Towards Her Age

Women know that as they get older, they become less beautiful.

Some women are okay with this, and some are insecure. In order to give her a great compliment;

NEVER… say, “You look good for your age.”

That is a huge stab in the ribs for a women, as the under statement is “but you don’t look as good as a 23 year old.”

So a great response to the “age discussion” is;

“I’m older than you.”
“Well,” you say, checking her out. “You look good.”

That’s extremely powerful because you aren’t putting her in a comparison, and you’re showing her your desire.

The basic under current of the conversation is: “I don’t care about your age, I want you!”


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