How To Stop Caring What Other People Think Of You

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How To Stop Caring What Other People Think Of You

Firstly, this is not about simply gaining a mindset.

So don’t think you can just sit in your room and slowly build up some armor and resistance to what other people are thinking. That’s not how good mentality happens. You won’t fix anything with your laziness.

You put in work to steadily develop a detachment from other peoples thoughts.

How Can You Do The Work?

Most simply, you can do this by going out into public and performing strange new behaviors; deliberately acting against the grain; doing what is abnormal. You make yourself noticed.

For example, you walk through a shopping mall wearing gloves on your feet and shoes on your hands!

Without a doubt, acting like a moron will cause you to be anxious, and that’s the point. Because gradually, you’ll build up the ability to act freely, with a lack of concern for other people’s thoughts and criticisms.

♦ You strengthen your immunity to criticism, by actively encouraging criticism.

In my opinion, you should welcome the fact that you’re a person who leaps off the page. Watch this video of Ellen for an example.

How Do You Build Up Your Resistance?

To repeat myself, the only way to get stronger, is to expose yourself to criticism. As a result, if you want to develop more resilience then you expose yourself to more levels of criticism. Think Donald Trump running for president – he received the whole world’s criticism, that’s a huge level of toughness.

To build resistance fast, you should always continue your behaviors through the criticism.

Bearing that in mind, you should start with small tasks and work towards bigger tasks. For example, when I first started pick up I gave myself a list of mini-missions even before I could approach a woman.

Here they are, for your benefit:

  1. Walk through a shop in slow-motion.
  2. Run around your city center at high-speed.
  3. Lie down in the street for 10 mins.
  4. Shout out, “Woo!” in a public place.
  5. Stand on your knees in a method of public transport (Bus, Tram, Metro)
  6. Dial a random number and keep them on the line as long as you can a.k.a. Phone Buckaroo
  7. High 5 a stranger.
  8. Ask for directions and then walk the opposite way.
  9. Ask for a sex book in your local library.
  10. Approach a woman with a compliment.

You can also find an open mic night in your town and go to read a poem, play a song or tell jokes. Anything which gets you making unusual actions in front of large amounts of people is the best way to expose yourself to criticism and therefore develop your toughness and your absence of worry. Good luck!

How Can You Continually Strengthen Your Resistance?

When you receive criticism, you learn to ignore it and banish it from your life.

In other words, if somebody makes a negative comment, you learn to not let it affect your emotions; you learn to steady your emotions in the face of criticism.

You simply know that you’re on your own personal mission, you have your own goals and you you’re not distracted by other people’s thinking.

♦ Think about this: if you believe you can do something and your critic believes you can’t, then in the future, one of you will be proven a liar.

For that reason, a good mentality to have is that all your critics are liars. Because either you’re lying, or they are. And as I’m sure you want to succeed a.k.a. not be the liar, you must be able to metaphorically shout in your critics face, “You’re a liar!”

Case Study

I get hate on my YouTube channel, but whenever I check out these comments, they are from people with no uploaded videos and no subscribers. So that means, their opinions have no standing.

Personally, I believe your critics are living in their own personal hell, just trying to offload their own pain onto you. Don’t take their pain. It’s their problem. When they decide to take control of their lives, they’ll be saved. And that’s a decision they need to make on their own.

In the mean time, stay focused on your own mission.


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