How To SMASH IT At Speed Dating

Speed Dating

So I’m going to a speed dating event tonight. What’s your advice on the game plan here? I’ve never done speed dating before so I’m not 100% sure how.—Student

How To Smash It At Speed Dating

Speed dating is no doubt a fun and interesting way to meet new women. Let me share with you my top three tips:

How Should I Get Attention?

Firstly, before you even leave your house to go speed-dating, put on some nice clothes and a little aftershave. Women will be immediately attracted to you if you are groomed and well-dressed.

In fact, in a survey conducted by Allure, 64 percent of people (from 2,500) said their appearance helped them get assistance from a stranger; so make sure you look good!

You don’t need to go wearing a three-piece suit (don’t overdo it!) but you do need to look stylish.

Will Freeman from Revolutionary Lifestyle Design will tell you how to get an entire minimalist wardrobe for under $1700 in his video here.

How Can I Look Approachable?

As soon as you enter the venue, smile and be happy! Most men will turn on their game when they hear the first bell, but you will turn it on as soon as you enter the venue.

You should look positive, give eye-contact to the whole room and say, “hello” to people.

Also,  did you know that the average woman smiles 62 times a day while the average man only smiles 8 times? So if you want to attract a woman—smile more.

Look at this photo to see how Brad Pitt uses his eyes to smile, too. That eye-glimmer is important.

How Can I Come Across As Charismatic?

When you’re time starts, be a little interesting. Ask your own questions and make them fun and playful.

You only have three to five minutes with each girl and you should use that time to make her giggle and have a good time.

The last time I went speed dating I immediately started speaking about traveling. Asking questions such as, “Where did you last visit?” and “Where is your dream place?”

Within a minute, it was obvious that I had differentiated myself from the other men, and was guaranteed to get a match.

To recap,

You should:

  1. Dress Well.
  2. Smile Upon Entry.
  3. Talk About Fun Topics.

If you do these three things, you’ll place yourself above the other men who are visiting these events, and that alone will give you the edge. Good luck!

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