Why You Should Sell All (Or Some Of) Your Stuff

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“I need some advice on whether to sell my motorcycle or not. Actually, this is more than what to do with a motorcycle, but rather what to do with my time and money.”—ChalengeGuyFan

Why You Should Not Ask This Question

First of all, you’ve already had the thought and I suggest that implies the answer. In other words, if you think it, do it.

But let me just protect myself here, I’m not promoting that you go out and finally murder your annoying boss. No, no and no!

What I’m saying is that you had the urge to ask the question, therefore, you knew it was already a reasonable possibility. It’s just that now you’re pondering on the opportunity and seeking reassurance.

Well, I hate to break it to you, but seeking reassurance is an action your mind makes you perform when it’s blinded by fear. Cognitive behavioral therapists call it a safety behavior.

Essentially then, if you’re asking, “Do you think I should sell my … ?” you already know the answer, you’re just delaying the inevitable. In other words, you’re paralyzed by uncertainty and you should sell your stuff.

There’s a quote I heard recently, which was something about having 5 seconds in your mind before you do something, and then your brain flips over to excuses and doubts. In other words, your excuses are secondary to your gut reaction. So you should always follow your gut reaction.

What about Buddhists and Zen Philosophy?

What you should understand is that all your objects and possessions are just temporary, not permanent, fleeting. Meaning that at one point in your life, you will no longer have the item which you currently treasure. Even on death, you can’t take it with you.

It’s a very zen philosophy—you just can’t maintain things. Do you remember your favourite childhood toy? And how you loved that thing so god damn much? Where is it now? Who knows, I think I sold mine at a garage sale.

It’s also important to learn that clearing out takes strength, develops your edge and makes you stronger. That’s right. It’s easy to keep something and hard to pass it on, throw it away, let it go. Think about how easy it is to keep doing the same job, live in the same substandard relationship and maintain the same possessions.

But throwing them away builds character and builds strength! If you want a fantastic example of a man who destroyed all his possessions, check out the artist Michael Landy.

I think that 10 years from now, you won’t miss your motorbike (or other object you sold) but you’ll have developed the strength, and that will have taken you to new places.

Can You Tell Us About Yourself?

Throughout my life, I’ve kept journals and journals—and journals—of all my thoughts and feelings. And let me tell you, I’ve written a lot of random shit. But here’s the shocker, last year, I put all those journals in an old wheelbarrow and watched them go up in flames. It was majestic.

And as I stood in my parents garden, breathing in the smoke from years of sentiment, I felt like a whole weight was being lifted from my shoulders. It’s a great feeling: knowing that you are prepared to let go of what you have now, to become more of what you want to be.

To tell you another personal story, I also sold my guitar. Yes, that’s right, the guitar I paid for with money I made on my first job; the guitar I played through the night while my family slept; the guitar which featured in my visions of being a successful musician. I sold it. And do you know what? I don’t regret it because that guitar paid for my plane tickets to Russia. And now that’s where I live and my life is awesomely immense.

So to give it an old cliche, when you close one door, another one opens.

In Conclusion

It’s not easy to let things go, but when you do you’ll become stronger and have the benefits of moving forward and filling the space with bigger and better life bonuses.

If you are asking yourself, “Should I get rid of this?”, you should take a breath, pull up your big boy pants and move forward. ABC Baby, Always Be Closing. ABM Baby. Always Be Moving.

Or would you rather put it in storage to gather dust?


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