Pop Singer Turns Into Estrogen Pill

Photograph By Tammo Lo/Flickr

Gary Lightbody, lead singer from popular alternative rock band Snow Patrol, turned into an estrogen pill this week after reaching his goal to write one hundred love songs.

Lightbody’s neighbour, Betty Johnson, claimed she heard a “loud pop” before she peered through his window to see a “pale pink tablet”. Snow Patrol fans have been tweeting: “Is this the end?”

The Northern Irishman was famous for lyrics of love and romance, often using phrases like “out the door”, “blink of an eye” and “break my heart”. Although, he once commented: “I try to stay original, and mostly avoid cliches.”

When Lightbody performed the duet “The Last Time” with Taylor Swift in 2012, he famously cried after an audience member heckled: “Gary sucks balls!” At the time, Swift comforted the musician and assured him that everything was “gonna be alright”.

During an interview for Rolling Stone yesterday, Taylor Swift said that Lightbody was an emotional man but she never thought it would “end up like this”. She added it was a shame Lightbody didn’t have the strength to shake it off.

Taylor Swift noted that she has dated Twilight actor Taylor Lautner and DJ Calvin Harris, so when she had to sing a love song with Gary Lightbody she felt like a waiter put a worm in her salad.

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Snow Patrol’s lead guitarist, Nathan Connolly, said: “The lyrics on Final Straw [the band’s fourth album] were all about love, so I made him listen to Eminem, but was the fifth album any different? No. Just more love.”

The lead guitarist said that Lightbody had been complaining about stomach aches, headaches and swollen breasts, but the band thought it was just “Gary being Gary”.

Fans of the band have made a tribute video in which each member sings a different line of the song “Chasing Cars”, although it has been criticized for being tacky and out-of-tune.

Some have tweeted: “There’s no use crying over spilled estrogen.”

Nathan Connolly joked it had been a long time since someone had slurped from his “final straw”.


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