Why You Have No Motivation Without Women In Your Life

Don Jon

Why Don’t You Have Any Motivation Without A Woman In Your Life?

In my opinion, women are the sparks to men’s fires.

I’ve heard people say, “You should find motivation on your own!” and “You should do it for you!” But the reality is that we live in a people packed world.

How Much Energy Do You Receive From Other People?

Notwithstanding that they’re films, quickly study I Am Legend and Tom Hanks’ Castaway. These films need supporting characters (dogs and footballs) to hold the story line together. And when Tom Hanks cries while his football, Wilson, drifts away on the water… that’s a very sad movie scene.

Those films would not be successful without other characters.

My point is that your life can only function with other people. In fact, you’re just one part of a boundless social tapestry; and as an individual, you would be unable to live without others.

What’s the reason we want to rise to the top?
Respect from other people.

What’s the reason we want to make friends?
Love from other people.

With that in mind, to say you should only get motivation from yourself is something that I accept as a lie. Because in reality, we are motivated by other people, for other people and because of other people.

What If You Are Single?

For the above reasons, you can accept that there’s nothing wrong with feeling a lack of motivation because you don’t have a woman. As I mentioned, women are sparks for our fires.

However, when you’re single, you will need to find motivation. My suggestion is that you give yourself a mission (an aim, a goal or a target) which you can be intent on achieving.

When you have something to actualize, you can divide it into small tasks, which you can execute every day. It is the earnest completion of your daily actions that gives you a rolling motivation, i.e. a sort of snowball of motivation.

In other words, discipline precedes motivation. You should first focus on finding discipline and forget about finding motivation. Because when you are disciplined, motivation will follow.

It’s persistence, perseverance and staying power. It’s being able to commit to your plan and stick to your goals despite the tides of laziness. The laziness comes, the laziness goes, the laziness comes and the laziness goes.

You need to always fight through these down times and dips in productivity.

Thus, your “motivation” is in the shape of calendars, schedules and daily actions etc.

Then, once you have that foundation in place, you’re free and ready to meet a suitable woman. Moreover, you can mention your goals and vision to her and then observe her reaction.

You might find that she can offer you advice, support and information to stimulate your progress. Women are exceptional cheerleaders. Whatsmore, the drive that you will get from her sexuality will supercharge you to realise your vision. That’s what’s great about women.

Can You Explain That With A Metaphor?

In summary, you must discipline yourself to do something alone and by yourself. You can do that with plans and schedules, and at the same time you can look for a woman. When the two things come together, you’ll fly like a rocket ship; with the direction and the fuel.

Fly on.


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