How Do You Have A Man To Woman Conversation?

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What Is A Man To Woman Conversation?

If you’re confused about how to talk to a woman, you might be asking this question.

As far as I know, this is a buzz word from the pickup community.

Firstly, the term “man to woman conversation” is weird and strange because it doesn’t give you any idea of what it is to be a man, or what is to be a woman. To my mind, this term has no information and I could tell you that a great example of a man to woman conversation is in the film Napoleon Dynamite:

man to woman conversation
“Hey girl, I’m talking to you man-style!”

Why not?

After all, that’s a man having a conversation with a woman, isn’t it!?*

But you’re not reading to learn my opinion on bad and wrong pickup terms. (Although that is worth a blog post). You’re reading this to figure out how you should talk to a woman. So that’s what I’ll explain:

How To Talk To A Woman (In An Attractive Way)

Actually, this topic could be pulled apart in depth. But to keep this post short I’m going to give you three helpful tips. If you want more information, email me at


In a conversation, you should always be the calmer of the two. If she gets worked up, that’s okay, provided that you stay cool and collected until she calms down. If she says something that hurts your feelings, makes you angry or otherwise gives you a negative emotion; you need to write down what she said and work out why it made you upset. Then you need to stay chilled whenever you hear that comment again. You’re always the stone in the water, never the water: be relaxed, while everything flows around you.


If she asks you what you did at work, how you are feeling or wants to “discuss your troubles” – You simply tell her, “I don’t find it interesting to talk about my problems.” If she wants to “help”, you simply say, “Thanks. If I need your help, I’ll ask.” Then you smile, move on the conversation and never ask for her help.

Ideally, she should be telling you her problems. This will make her interpret you as the “stronger” person in the conversation and as a result, she’ll respect you and feel attraction.


This may cause some of you to say, “What!? Don’t demonstrate higher value!?”

Because you’ve heard most pickup and dating coaches say, “Make sure you DHV guys!”

Well, I’m here to tell you to stop demonstrating higher value, even if it is “embedded”. That’s because true high value is not shown embedded in a story or a comment; it’s shown in how you walk, talk and use your eyes.

The truth is that speaking about your value, DOES NOT PUT YOU IN A POSITION OF HIGH VALUE.

Let’s imagine a scale from 1 to 10:

When a woman meets you, she intuitively places you on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is not worth mentioning and 10 is paramount or life-changing.

Well; 2’s and 3’s won’t approach her; 4’s and 5’s might approach her and then go on about their accomplishments; 6’s and 7’s will approach her and reveal their accomplishments in a normal conversation; but 8’s and 9’s will be quiet about their accomplishments, and focus entirely on her.

It’s like 3 bottles:

  • The first bottle is broken, and spills all the liquid.
  • The second bottle is punctured, and leaks some of the liquid.
  • But the third bottle is sealed shut, and retains all of the liquid.

So, a paramount man will ask her questions, which elicit the answers he finds interesting, and then he will decide: “Should I take her on an adventure?”

Meaning, while ordinary men try to attract her with accomplishments and successes, you – as a paramount man – attract her because you show interest in her personality, her life, her view of the world; her personal journey – her “user-experience” of the world.


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*If you’ve never seen Napoleon Dynamite, don’t change that now. It sucks.

For homework; you can watch this video from Nick Sparks

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