Tinder Selfie Puts Man In Jail

Photograph By Michael Mandiberg/Flickr

AN ORDINARY MAN has recently been given one year’s prison sentence for forcing entry into a flight deck to take a selfie with the pilot.

Jonathon Roberts, 26, was admitted to HM Prison Chelmsford last week after he broke into the flight deck of a commercial airline en route to Dubai.

At the time, flight staff told him to take his seat but he refused, arguing that a selfie with the pilot would improve his Tinder match rate by a whopping 16%.

Arguing that a selfie with the pilot would improve his Tinder match rate by a whopping 16%. Click To Tweet

He subsequently created mayhem and panic on the plane, forcing the pilot to land the flight early in Zagreb, Crotia.

Mr. Roberts said, “I used to be a nobody. And that all changed when I discovered Tinder.” He added that initially he had no matches, due to dull selfies with his mum and cups of tea.

“When I uploaded a picture of me riding my bike,” said Mr. Roberts. “My match rate really improved, and that led me on a wild journey.” He stated that soon he was on the hunt for impressive selfies at restaurants, safari parks and even on a bungee jump.

Mr. Robert’s mother, Barbara Roberts shared, “One day he got the Tinder application and he just changed.” Mrs. Roberts explained that her son started to dress better, leave his room at least once a week, and even avoided playing Call Of Duty over the weekend.

“He moved out 6 months ago,” said Mrs. Robert. “As he was losing potential Tinder matches because when I was doing the chores, I ended up photobombing.”

At press time, Jonathon Roberts stated that he managed to get the pilot selfie, and consequently his match rates increased by 60%. Although, he does have difficulty arranging the dates as many cannot make it to prison within the 30 minute time slot on visiting day.

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