The Male Hierarchy

Male Hierarchy
Photograph By Steve Jurvetson//Flickr

I want to tell you that there’s a male hierarchy and it exists whether you like it or not. Status is actually a thing and unfortunately we can’t get around it. There’re so many feminists that complain about the patriarchy, but the fact is: that’s just how men operate. You wouldn’t be mad at a spanner for being a spanner.

Knowing that, you should consider it your job to learn the hierarchy and operate within it. To be honest, I want you to be at the bottom. It would make it a lot easier for me to play my game. [Which by the way, is what life is; a game.]

Still, the reason I’m writing this is because I’m passionate about the topic.

I won’t show you the complex version of the hierarchy now; I’ll just give you the basic structure. And to my mind, it exists like this:

There are three basic layers of the male hierarchy. They are as such; leaders, followers and passives. If you’re at a party and you’re chatting one on one with someone, while everyone else is watching then congratulations; you’re a leader. If however, you are listening to the two or three people having the conversation; you’re a follower. And if you’re on your telephone looking at memes or Whatsapping a girl you like; you’re a passive. [If you’re a passive, put the fucking phone away and get involved!]

I’ll touch on another point here and that’s one about topics. Sometimes you don’t know anything about the topic being discussed. Which is okay, status is completely relative to a topic of interest. But, if you’re the dominant man, you’ll know what you enjoy – and be good at it. And if you want to learn something new then you should accept that you’re now a follower in that area. [Passives haven’t yet made the choice to learn.]

With that information, you should be consistently making the effort to improve your influence within your topic of interest so you can be the leader in your domain.

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