Should You Learn How To Dance?

Jack Vettriano, The Singing Butler, 1992

Should you learn to dance?

First, check your mentality. Ask yourself; why are you learning to dance?

Look, why do you really want to dance? To impress girls? So you’ll stand out above other men?

The popular thought in the community is that you shouldn’t do anything to attract women. But let’s get real – the whole community is based around attracting women – so it doesn’t make any sense – it’s all bullshit.

You shouldn’t do it to attract women, you should do it for YOU.”

Don’t go out of your own way to impress a woman!

*Wait a minute Mr. Dating Coach! Isn’t your whole career based around attracting women?*

As for me, I personally spend my whole life trying to impress women. Fact. The reason I read pick-up books is because I want women. The reason I write this blog is to sell books, to earn money so I can spend it on women. Everything I do, is to make me a better man, so I can fill my life with more top-tier women.

So here’s a new idea:

What you should do is a merge between WHAT YOU ENJOY and WHAT ATTRACTS WOMEN.

Obviously, there’s no point in doing something that doesn’t attract women, but doing something you hate to attract women… is stupid.

I love social psychology, it attracts women. That’s a win win.

I also enjoy the guitar, it attracts women. That’s a win win.

But there are also MANY things I hate, which attract women.

Like going to the theater, or dancing. Screw that!

Although!.. I knew a man who was a dance teacher. He had been dancing since he was 8 years old. He took part in competitions, and went to the gym regularly to keep fit and build muscle. And I always saw him in my gym with his beautiful girlfriend. And yes, he was also surrounded by many other beautiful women.

On the other hand, I have seen many idiots in night clubs, doing crap dance moves and “making shapes” on the dance floor to get the attention of women. Once, I saw a guy who wasn’t that bad, “making shapes” on the dance floor, and for a while, he had a crowd of people around him clapping their hands.

But people quickly got bored, because he didn’t vary anything, and he was just bathing in the audiences energy. You could feel the “validate me – validate me – validate me” energy he was projecting.

Can you see the difference?

One man really loved dancing, and the other had learnt some moves to impress people.

The Different Skill Boxes

Women love (and are attracted to) many different things. Dance, art, music, sports, fitness etc…

If you learn any of these, the chances are it will attract some women into your life.

The issue is in the reason you pick that skill.


The best way to look at it, is to see that there are many different boxes or skills.

And if you enter one of these boxes, or learn a skill,  just so that you can attract women, then you have the wrong mentality.

Plus, this is a sure way to guarantee that you stop dancing one year later.

It’s the same with any skill you learn to “gain women” or to “gain money”. You will not have the passion required to see it through to the end. You’ll be an early quitter. Women will know this. Customers will know this.

The idea is to CHOOSE the box that you LOVE.

You love body-building? GREAT
You love dancing? GREAT
You love motorbikes? GREAT
You love martial arts? GREAT
You love comedy? GREAT
You love music? GREAT
You love money? GREAT (Think Donald Trump)

Ultimately, you have to CHOOSE your DHV.

You need to look at the type of men in that community, for example: can you be friends with the people in the dance studio?

What I’m saying is that you should be on a mission, to find the skill which you love the most. Try all of them out and then pick your favourite.


You don’t do the skill to attract women.

You love the skill, and in return, the skill attracts women.

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