Should You Give Her Your Number?


What should you do when a girl says, “Give me your number!”

It’s always a bad move to leave your phone number with a woman. Seeing that it’s always a bad move to leave a woman the responsibility of managing the start of a new relationship.

Note: In rare cases I’ve heard men say, “I gave her my number and she text me.” Though I’ve never seen any proof. Therefore, I would say this is a rare circumstance and perhaps a good example of male-bragging. And if somebody tells you this: ask for the evidence and a photo of the chick.

Interpretation 1

Usually, if she says, “I’ll take your number,” then it simply means: you failed. And once you’ve given her your number, she’ll never text you but she’ll feel validated and happy that she has a new toy! You’re now on her reminder shelf, which she looks at when she is depressed, for proof that she is desirable.

Interpretation 2

On the other hand, if she finds you attractive and then takes your number… there is still a problem. You now leave the ball in her court, and women do not often make a good job of leading relationships. As a man, you should take the job of making the interaction progress. Since it’s highly likely she’ll get nervous and think, “What should I text him?” and she never will. Then you’ll be forgotten.

Overall, as a man, you should take the edge. That’s to say, take her number so that you can lead the next part of the interaction, and text her or call her to progress to a date. Don’t leave this up to her!


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