How Can You Fix Your Relationship?

500 Days Of Summer

My girl has started having mood swings around me. She can give me one word answers and I feel like I’m the one putting in all the effort. It’s like she doesn’t want to be there. Plus, every time I ask her what’s wrong she says, “nothing.” And it becomes silent for the rest our time together. Last night, we were about to have sex and she just had an uninterested look on her face. I took her home in the car, but it she was silent for the whole ride.

What Should You Do?

Most people will tell you to break up with this girl. Probably, you’ll hear that she is a ‘borderline psychopath’, just ‘another crazy bitch’, or something else derogatory to her. So… if you want the advice of others, it’s there; “Just break it off, you can do better.”

I won’t give you that advice.

If you want to hold the relationship together, you’ve got to understand why she’s behaving like this.

Why Is She Behaving Like This?

You need to always be careful when you enter a new relationship. When you’re single, you’re more than likely going out regularly to find girls, hanging with your friends. You probably have a hobby that you enjoy. You’re an attractive man, and that’s why she fell for you. You probably didn’t care too much about meeting her, so it was all laid back and easy.

But, what happens when you get into a relationship, is that you start to see her less as a girl, and more as a friend. And when this happens you lose that “male-female” dynamic, and then stop acting like the man. That’s why “girl-friend” is such a bad term. Thinking like this will force you back into “beta mode.” You’ll go soft.

What happened is that she realized that you were behaving less like a man, all subconsciously, and her emotions did not feel chemistry towards you anymore. Often, girls describe this as feeling “off.”

“I don’t know what’s wrong, it just feels like something is off.”

So she’ll go silent not by her decision, but because her emotions are telling her that something isn’t right. To put it another way; she won’t have the emotions she felt for you at the beginning of the relationship. And those emotions are good, they’re what she loves. And it’s being manly which creates those emotions.

What Should You Do?

You need to masculinise your behaviour (take control, lead, protect her, and look after her) until her emotions come back. As soon as this happens, she’ll feel chemistry and it will be “on”.

When you get soft, her emotions get soft, understand? If you do not act like a man, her emotions will tell her and she will feel like “something is off.” Of course, she can’t analyse this because she doesn’t know how it’s happening. That’s why if you ask her what’s wrong, she’ll say, “I don’t know,” or come up with random excuses like, “I don’t like his mustache anymore.” – I’ve honestly heard that one, although not on me. I hate mustaches.

Remind yourself that she is a woman, and you are the man. Don’t act like her friend, act like her man. It’s hard because each day the relationship progresses, you know and understand the girl more, and you develop stronger feelings. Still… you must always lead, look after her, and act like her arrogant protector.

But She Should Put In Some Effort

You’re wrong if you think it’s her job to save the relationship.

It works the opposite way; her emotions come before her effort. If she doesn’t feel the required emotions she won’t put in the effort. So it’s not up to her to get the relationship back at this point, because her emotions won’t tell her too.

When she finds a manly man her biology tells her to mate with him. So it’s your job to be a man, and then she’ll make the relationship work, understand? When you are a man, it becomes her role and responsibility to make the relationship work.

It goes like this:

  1. You be a man.
  2. She feels attraction.
  3. She makes the relationship work.

In conclusion, once you practice solid masculinity everyday; by managing your relationships, managing your health and managing your wealth. She’ll put in the right amount of effort to hold the relationship together.


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