Fitness: My Personal Journey (Part 2)


Last week, I gave you the story of my muscle growth up to the beginning of this year (January 2017). You can check that post out here.

This week, I’m going to give you a fitness update until today. And honestly, if you want to see that visually, you can follow my instagram account. (Note: I just installed the instagram widget—to the right.)

So I joined a Russian gym!

It’s called Vityaz Fight and it’s pretty much in the centre of Moscow. I didn’t expect to join, but a student told me about a cheap clothing shop, and next to it (lo-and-behold!) there was a cool-looking gym.

Vityaz Fight

So I walked on in, and signed up for two months. At the time, it was 5000 rubles, which was the equivalent of £50 for two months. Although, that was when the exchange rate hadn’t plummeted so much because of Brexit.

Two months in that gym was all I needed to get hooked. The community is amazing (even though I don’t speak the language).

I think that ultimately, community is what makes a place. I’d been performing stand-up comedy for a long time, but never enjoyed anyone’s company. As much as I could ‘keep on striving to be a comic’ I hated it.

In this gym, everyone is supportive and cooperative. No-one is envious of anyone; we’re all just working on ourselves to meet our personal fitness goals. That’s clear, even when you can barely communicate.

So when Raman walked through the doors, a personal trainer who followed his wife to Moscow (because she got a job in the military), I was eager to pay for his training. Why? Because he’s a true mujik; which in Russian means ‘bloke’ or ‘real man’.

And man, did he fuck me up for two weeks! He moved me off the assisted weight machines (because “they are for little girls”) and onto only free weights. Plus, he told me to do squats and leg presses. (“Why do lunge? Lunge is for small women.”)

I also found a small shop where I could buy some weight gainer. I bought a huge bag of it. I went through two of those.

Mass Gainer

And then I decided to improve my diet. That’s because I’m traveling around Moscow a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. I’m taking the metro several times a day, and I was subbing gainer&milk for an actual meal.

I’m still trying to work it out. I’ve a busy schedule and need to get my diet on track. I’m trying to eat five meals a day, and at the moment (as I’m writing this) I’m in a cafe about to order some meat and carbs.

That’s a step up from KFC which I was living off for a while (regrettably). It’s a pain in the arse to travel so much, so cafes and restaurants become the go-to places for food.

Yes, I must work on a traveler’s diet for fitness fanatics.

Anyway, here’s the most recent picture from my instagram account. As you can see, there’s an awesome improvement since I started!

And I grew my hair!

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