How Can You Find More Motivation?

Winslow Homer, The Gulf Stream (1899). Oil on canvas; 71.5 x 124.8 cm. Metropolitan Museum of Art

What’s stopping you from being motivated?

You’ve got to look at yourself and really ask some questions.

  • Are your friends holding you back?
  • Are you sure this is what you really want?
  • Do you have doubts? Fears? Insecurities?

What’s in your mentality that is stopping you from taking action?

Because here’s your problem; I think if you knew exactly what it was that you wanted, and you knew that you could go out and obtain it AND you were enjoying the process. Then you wouldn’t be online searching for motivation.

There’s just one thing which might put a worm in your salad:


Sometimes people are the cause of your position. There are certain people out there who will hold you back. They’ll wrap around your legs like vines trying to keep you in the sea.

They’ll say things to you that make sense on the surface, but under the surface, beyond the vocabulary, beneath the carpet, on the under-current; what’s really being said is, “No… Stay Here… With Us.”

And I think all winners need the motivation to get untangled.

A Way To Motivation

  1. Know Your Vision.
    • Know where you are going…
  2. Know That It’s Possible.
    • You have to feel that. It’s a FACT that it’s possible. In the words of Les Brown, “It’s possible that I can achieve my dreams.”
  3. Know That You Will Face Trials.
    • You won’t get there easily. You’ll need to pass trials and tests that will teach you who you need to be in order to fulfill your vision. Yes you’ll become someone new, but that’s because of the challenges you’ll face…

Gaining The Forward Momentum

Through the trials you face, you’ll have to force yourself to keep going, over and over again.

Eventually, you’ll work out a personal way of getting over hurdles, but for now I suggest going for a run, phoning a member of your family, re-organising your bedroom, writing your thoughts in a journal or meditating.

If you want something more motivation related:

You can watch a motivational video:


You can put pen to paper and use a writing exercise:


In short, you’ll make a table of two columns:

On the left, you’ll write everything that is holding you back, and on the right, you’ll fight those thoughts by being creative with new thoughts, new ideas and new beliefs.

Look at this book.

Ultimately though, you just have to start.

“The common conception is that motivation leads to action, but the reverse is true — action precedes motivation. You have to ”prime the pump” and get the juice flowing, which motivates you to work on your goals. Getting momentum going is the most difficult part of the job, and often taking the first step is enough to prompt you to make the best of your day.” – Robert J. McKain

You know, it’s like when you should wash your car. You frown at the chore, you delay it for a while, but when you get started; you enjoy the process. And you enjoy the gleaming wheels…

Here’s Louis CK on why you should JUST DO YOUR JOB.


Great Motivational Speech On Pickup By Tom Torero


How to Find the Motivation to Succeed


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