What Is The End Goal Of Pick Up?

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I have a serious problem with the current dating, pick up and relationship gurus. And from what I’ve seen, so do many other people.

The problem is that there is often one question left unanswered; what is the end goal of pick up?

The Current State Of Affairs

Commonly, it seems like there are two options:

  1. settle down
  2. keep fucking

Basically, all pua’s eventually drop off the ‘scene’ and get married (a.k.a Neil Strauss, Adam Lyons, Sasha Daygame etc…) or they just continue to fuck and fuck and fuck (Tom Torero, Nick Krauser, Mystery etc…).

So that’s the example being set by the current dating-advice thought-leaders:

“Either become a family man — or — achieve a large lay count.”

And what if neither of those appeal to me?

The Problem With Marriage

Firstly, let’s talk marriage. Well, it seems to me that most marriages are full of alpha women and beta men. I’ve seen that within my own family tree and through many others.

What happens, is that a man becomes weak in a marriage and ends up supplicating to the over-ruling of the woman’s pussy.

However, we can look at Donald Trump. Who has a rather appealing trophy wife! Perhaps that is your aim—to settle down with a trophy wife…

Well then, it looks as though you need to be striving to fulfill goals in other areas of your life (such as finance) in order to assert your masculinity and keep your woman.

And that would be okay, if Donald Trump hadn’t been married twice before. It falls right into the pick up artists mindset that marriage just isn’t natural.

Dan Savage says this too. Monogamy is just not in our DNA. See this video hear to listen to his wise words.

So we conclude that marriage is not the answer…

The Problem With Pick Up

Consequently, that leaves us with option two. The old pump and dump routine. And this is what most successful pick up artists are practicing.

It’s all about numbers. Tom Torero just released a podcast entitled “How To Sleep With 1000 Girls.” That’s where he’s going now, it’s become a chase for a score.

My problem with that is that it will never end.

In the Strauss’ classic book The Game he interviews Hugh Hefner and states that Hugh is still bragging about his women. At over 70 years old!

So from the notes of other men, we know that we’re NEVER going to lose our desire to fuck women. If anything, we’ll just want it more and more.

And that leaves me thinking, what’s the fucking point?

Eventually, these girls just become series of forgotten faces and forgotten memories. Offering nothing of substantial value.

—We have not created anything, we have not produced anything, we have not left the world with our ideas or our creations.

We’ve just fucked holes. Holes that we no longer remember…

What’s more, is that when we begin the pick up journey, we meet girls who are still special to us—because they are new.

When we continue our fuck-fest, no girl is special; she’s just another brunette on a conveyor belt of women who all seem to think and act the same.

So shall I just pick the number 100 and aim for it?

No—There’s An Alternative

I suggest an alternative. An equilibrium in between the two options of black and white. I choose the grey zone.

  1. I will not get married because I do not see the point in it.
  2. I will not relentlessly fuck because I don’t see the point in it.

I will live my life in multiple short term relationships, while humping and dumping the odd chick here and there.

As a result, I will experience something more substantial—I will have the benefits of comfortable relationships. That means, I’ll experience deeper levels of female emotion and deeper levels of sexuality.

For example, from my experience, a hump and dump (one-night) chick is likely to remain very ‘vanilla’. A regular chick, on the other hand, will likely become more and more sexual over time.

That means you’ll actually become better in bed if you fuck a regular girl—because you can explore dominance and make her where suspenders etc…

In addition, you’ll learn about women from her perspective and on a much deeper level. Allowing you to really get to know a woman’s psyche.

While you’re rotating your favourite women, you pursue short fucks. You let your regular girls know you’re not a serious prospect, but that you do want to spend time with them. (So they have the choice to pursue other men).

This means you keep going on dates with other girls; some you might just bang quickly and some you might want to enjoy a ‘mini-relationship’ with.

Furthermore, if you keep ‘smart-casual‘ with a woman, she might end up sticking around for a long time. This will be something equivalent to a pimp’s ‘bottom bitch’—what I mean is that she becomes your main girl.

In time, you might realise she’s been the most loyal and decide to marry. If not, you can at any point, cancel these relationships and go all-out numbers game.

The best part of this lifestyle is that it allows for complete emotional and sexual contact with women while your lay-count is on a gradual rise.

Such are the benefits of playing smart-casual.


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