How To Dump Someone With Tact

Broken Flowers

Looking around, I’ve found little if any material about how to dump a girl. Most of the advice is “man up” so I thought I would expand on that and organise my thoughts into a post:

Firstly, don’t ghost. That’s just immature and painful for her. She’ll go through an emotional rollercoaster, see this link.

So, here’s how to dump someone like a man (a.k.a. Face2Face).


  • Be upfront and honest; let her know that you no longer wish to continue the relationship, make it clear.
  • Stick to your decision; if she starts offering to change, do not accept it. Tell her you’ve made your mind up and then be firm and hold your ground.
  • Keep it short; after you’ve expressed yourself, gather your things and leave. If she asks you to stay, do not. Be respectful and get moving, there’s no need to dwell in the emotions.
  • End it at her place; when you leave, she’ll be able to get into bed, or use her phone to call her friends and release her emotions. Any other place, she’ll have to travel home first, and that’s not fun when you’re in a heavy emotional state.


  • Use cliches; this goes without saying, that it’s just silly, immature and disrespectful.
  • Answer her probing questions; “But why? What did I do?” — If you give her ‘reasons for the break up,’ you could end up saying something that makes the situation a whole lot worse, you don’t want to end on an accidental insult!
  • Give her false hope; avoid the word “maybe”, it will lead her on and won’t cut the thread completely. Don’t agree to compromise, don’t prolong her emotions—cut the cord completely.
  • Change your mind; when you have broken up, you’ve made your bed and you have to lie in it. Don’t give her mixed signals by texting or calling her in a few days or weeks. It will be hard on you too, but you must start living your life without her. You made your decision, so stick with it!

To finish, I’ve tried to be as concise as I can with this post, while putting in the most information. In truth, I think this is everything you need to know in order to break up or dump someone in the most respectful and fair way. In other words, if you do it like this, she’ll be thankful and grateful when she’s gotten over the hurt.

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