What Do You Discuss On A First Date?

50 First Dates
50 First Dates

What do you talk about on a first date?

So you’ve taken her phone number, text or called her, and you’ve arranged to meet. Great!

But what the hell do you talk about!?

Firstly, relax and don’t panic. Here are a list of topics you can discuss:

  1. Being Social
    1. Where do you like to go in your free time?
    2. Where would you like to take your friend from abroad if they come to see you?
  2. Traveling
    1. Where did you go on your last vacation?
    2. Could you live in another country?
  3. Shopping
    1. How often do you like to shop?
    2. Do you prefer shopping alone or with your friends?
  4. Food & Drink
    1. Are there any foods that you can’t eat?
    2. What was your favorite food as a child?
  5. Films & Movies
    1. Which celebrity would you like to meet?
    2. Do you think old movies are better than new ones?
  6. Sport & Fitness
    1. Do you play any sports?
    2. What do you do to keep fit?
  7. Music
    1. What’s your favorite genre of music?
    2. Has your taste in music changed since you grew up?

Note: These are just ideas for conversation, and shouldn’t be used in concession. You should pick and settle with one topic (not jump around!) Once you’ve asked a few questions, you should have enough information to vibe with each other on the same topic for a good amount of time. If at any point you run out of things to say, think of a new topic and start exploring that area with a new question.

You Shouldn’t Discuss!

You shouldn’t talk about religion or politics, even if you click and share similar opinions. It’s all just a little too deep for a first date and it could become almost surreal. So it’s best to keep it fun and friendly.

Often, girls will be timid and nervous on the first date, so avoid serious questions and crack some jokes to help her relax and stay comfortable.

Moving Things Forward!

It’s a great idea to take note of what things she likes. This way you’ll have a good, sensible idea for a second date.

For example:

  • If she likes blues music, you can suggest a blues bar, with a live band.
  • If she likes art, you can suggest a trip to a gallery.

But keep this saved, until you text her or call her again. You don’t want to be setting up dates whenever she mentions a fondness for something!

Talk About Cuisine

This is the cherry in the martini.

When you talk about what food she likes, you’re setting up a future conversation, in which you can refer back to this one, and then arrange to cook at someone’s house. And by that I mean hers or yours (or your friend’s) but you should never break an entry because that’s illegal…

first date
What are you doing in my kitchen!?

“I remember you said you liked Chinese-style chicken and noodles, do you fancy cooking it at my place?”
“I love Chinese-style C & N’s. Sure.”

And that’s date two or three. Sorted.


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