Bully Cameron Ruins Hot Tea

Photograph By Brett Jordan/Flickr

Iain Duncan Smith has revealed that David Cameron and George Osborne are bullies, because they often ruined his tea with slices of breaded ham.

Speaking to the BBC’S Andrew Marr Mr Duncan Smith said: “I could never remove the ham, because it was always completely soaked”, adding that he never had anything to put it on, such as a plate.

The former Work and Pensions Secretary said the Chancellor and Prime Minister would continue to exchange “schoolboy laughter” while he spent over 30 minutes trying not to sip up “stupid little breadcrumbs”.

He added that the decision to resign came after Mr Osborne slapped his head and called him a “bald little drummer boy”, while David Cameron taunted him with a wooden drum stick.

A Labour MP admitted it was a bit like watching a “Spanish Bull Fight”, before reminding people about the band Black Eyed Peas and their number one hit, Where Is The Love?

The MP continued to sing: “People killing, people dying, children hurt and ya hear them crying”, after finding an image of the Black Eyed Peas on his iPhone.

Joseph Durham, 31, posted a tweet saying: “Iain Duncan Smith deserves all his teas ruined. He is a royal prick”. Another Twitter used posted: “It’s never right to slap a bald man on the forehead”.

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Twitter users continue to discuss the event, and the latest trend is #leavethebaldprickalone.

During the BBC interview, Mr Duncan Smith explained his decision to make the resignation final happened when George Osborne pointed out similarities between him and Doc Brown from Back To The Future.

Betsy Duncan Smith, wife of the former Work and Pensions Secretary, said she has been “concerned” ever since she found a sticky note on her husband’s blazer, which featured a sketch of a DeLorean sports car.


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