Do You Know Who You REALLY Are?

Bruce Almighty

Who are you?

Some time ago, I read an article which explained there are seven core plot lines to choose from when you’re creating a film.

During an amusing discussion, my film-making friend argued that there’s only one plot line for every film. And that plot line is, “Who am I?”

So let us examine the world’s number one plot…

What Is The First Stage?

At stage one, most people look in the mirror and say, “Well, that’s what I look like. That’s me. I have big ears, a wonky nose and my eyes aren’t aligned.”

Sadly, that’s some very negative thinking. Or Stinkin’ Thinkin’ as it’s called by Zig Ziglar. And it won’t do you any good—it’ll just put you in a depressive vortex.

But to get back to the point, the first concept to understand is that you are not your body. To expand, there’s a paragraph from a cognitive behavioral therapy book which roughly states, your body is a vehicle. In a nutshell, your body exists purely to carry around your thoughts.

What Is The Second Stage?

Moving forward, after realizing you’re not your body, you might want to identify with your mind. Most people notice they can memorize affirmations, deconstruct their negative beliefs and start meditation practice to calm their thought patterns.

However, the next realization is that just as you’re not your body, you’re also not your mind. Because you cannot possibly be something which you can so obviously learn to control…

What Is The Third Stage?

As I just said, you’re not your mind because you’re able to control it. In other words, it’s not possible to be something which you can observe. So, in that case, if you watch your thoughts and you’re able to direct them—it can’t be you.

Just imagine, you’re playing a game of chess, and you’re able to move the chess pieces—well that’s like how you’re able to move your thoughts. So by implication, you must be somewhere behind your thoughts.

Finally then, we reach what is called the state of the observer. Where in reality, you are in fact watching your thoughts and watching your body.

From back here, you can choose what to focus on. Note that this takes years to master and I’m not claiming to be at such an advanced position. If you want more help, then go and see a group of meditating monks.

As for me, I’m learning to detach from my thoughts every day. And that is bringing me closer and closer to my goal of enlightenment.


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