How To Approach A Girl On The Bus


I take the same bus every day to school and back, its a public bus. I always sit alone chilling. A cute girl that lives close takes the same bus in the morning and either sits by herself or a guy friend sits with her but they don’t talk a lot they just use there phones. Whats the best next step?—Anonymous

How To Approach (When You’re On A Bus)

First of all, you’ve gotta deal with the logistics. They are the one variable here which will always be different: whether she’s sitting in front of you or behind you; whether she’s sitting alone, with a friend, or with a stranger; whether the bus is crowded or empty; whether there is space to stand in the aisle, or take a seat nearby etc.

You see, there are so many issues which you need to bear in mind when approaching. And that’s why it’s best to just forget everything and approach. Pick your moment and go because situations like this will always have different logistics.

Saying that, there is one rule you can remember: if there is a free seat near her, take it. And never ask for her permission, just see the seat and sit down. That’s because although asking for her permission may seem polite, girls do not respond to “polite“, they respond to alphamaleness, and that means you have the guts to live out your own ideas.

How To Take The Conversation Further (When You’re On A Bus)

Now, you’ve gotta be cool, own the frame, be dominant over the whole bus and do not supplicate to anyone. That’s vital. You have to stay the most dominant guy on the bus (it’s largely only mindset) because people are going to overhear and watch what you are doing, and if they think you’re not hot enough for the girl, they’ll interrupt your conversation and try to “save her” from you.

So you must man up and grab your balls and be the man on the bus—be the biggest character on the bus. You need that whole bus to think you’re a sexy masculine man and that you are choosing this woman.

People aren’t going to watch and say, “that guy has got game,” they are going to watch and say, “who’s that guy!?” — “why didn’t he approach me?” — “what a lucky girl she is!

Got it?

You have an audience, so you need your whole audience to be “picked up” too, meaning that your audience has to be attracted to you—they must respect you as the alpha male of the bus. They must in their heads say, “this guy is alpha.”

Note: to take the conversation further, just make a statement about what you like about her, and then ask a question.

For example: “I like your hair and your jacket, you look kinda like a … *insert observation here*”

(Biker chick, rebel, famous popstar etc.) – Go with anything, “bad girl” or “celebrity”. Saying, “You look kinda like a librarian,” will get you off to a bad start… Unless of course you say, “sexy librarian.”

How To Get Her Phone Number (When You’re On A Bus)

Here’s a vital point, make sure you ask her what stop she is getting off at! That’s because you need time to collect her number. You don’t want to be surprised when she suddenly says, “this is my stop,” and you have no time to exchange numbers. You need to plan the number close in advance!

Countless times, I have forgotten to ask, “what stop,” and then watched the girl exit the bus and leave my life forever. Once I got off the bus with her to get her number—and I wouldn’t advise it because it looks very needy.

Now, I live in Russia and sometimes get off the metro to collect a number, but usually the girl doesn’t text back. I suggest you take the number ASAP, if she’s leaving quickly, and then put in the work by text. Saying, “I’ll get off the train with you,” will get you the number, but it won’t insure a text-back.


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