Why Are You Unhappy In A Monogamous Relationship?


Notting Hill

Dear agony aunt: What to do when you’re in a monogamous relationship, are happy with it but feel you might be happier fucking other girls? A. Drop girl and pimp it up B. Try to push for open relationship C. Ignore desire for other girls and be loyalz or D. Other? – Mr. X. Anonymous

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Do Women Lie To Make You Feel Better?


The Invention Of Lying

“No, honestly, that shirt looks great on you!”

One of my students asked me if women lie and tell him good things just to make him feel better. His worry was that they didn’t actually like him, but were just acting like they did to avoid hurting his feelings and to boost his self-esteem. He said he wanted the truth, not lies. Continue reading

Is Approach Anxiety Related To Low Self Esteem?

self esteem

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Is there a relationship between approach anxiety and low self esteem?

I say no.

That’s because, speaking personally, I’ve been developing my charm with women for over 6 years. Meaning, I’ve been working on my self esteem for over 6 years, and can say that Continue reading